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Innovative, ambitious, dedicated


We create digital haulage solutions for businesses across the UK and Europe. Learn more about the team that makes it possible.


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Our legacy



Transport Exchange Group launched its digital road freight solution back in 2000 when the internet was dial-up. 80% of the population used Internet Explorer and touch-screen phones were still a novelty.

It’s only by remembering how seemingly non-existent the SaaS market used to be back then that we can fully appreciate how far we have come. It’s our ability to spot new trends and anticipate customer pain points that give us a strong foothold in the rapidly evolving tech space. We’ve built a legacy by helping our members earn a good living off of freight exchange with haulage solutions that firmly anchor us as market leaders.

Our members


Users subscribed to Haulage Exchange, a sub-brand of Transport Exchange Group, have different levels of courier and haulage experience and are in various stages of the business lifecycle. We then target each customer’s pain points and help them choose the best solutions for their haulage business to flourish in today’s tech-savvy age.


We service owner-operators, haulage companies including 3PL (Third-party logistics), 4PL (Fourth-party logistics), and freight forwarders looking for digital solutions to manage freight exchange and top their operational efficiencies within the business.


The team that makes it possible


Transport Exchange Group started out small but has grown steadily, along with a rapidly expanding subscriber base on the platform.

Our dedicated team help members achieve their business goals by unlocking latent potential with our platform’s smart tools.


With over 8,000 active users running over 22,000 active vehicles and trading over 1.5 million movements across the UK and Europe, Transport Exchange Group has a proven track record in helping businesses tackle the most common challenges facing the road transport industry today.

Partnership with Tachodisc

Partnership with Tachodisc

TEG have partnered with Tachodisc to give you access to a great range of products at competitive prices, as part of your TEG membership.


Tachodisc will handle any queries you have about the shop or your orders and you can contact them on